The Greater Olney Interfaith Ministerium is comprised of faith leaders from houses of worship in Olney, Maryland, and its surrounding communities.  Read about our history and our name below.
We are faith leaders from Jewish Synagogues, Christian Churches, and Muslim Community Centers.  Looking to Abraham as our spiritual patriarch, we find common ground in the writings of Moses and the prophets.

We exist to promote unity among the religious groups which we represent by increasing understanding of, and appreciation for, our diverse traditions, thereby seeking to improve the greater Olney community.  A portion of our time together at our monthly lunch meetings is devoted to planning events which will promote spiritual growth, understanding and unity among our congregations and in our community.

We meet monthly for lunch at noon.

We meet at GrillMarx, 18149 Town Center Dr., Olney, MD 20832.

We formed primarily as an outgrowth of our response to the act of vandalism committed on July 26, 2010, against B’nai Shalom of Olney.  This negative event brought together many faith leaders from our community in an effort to show support to the congregants of B’nai Shalom.   After working together to plan and participate in a Healing Sabbath Service, we soon felt moved to organize as a group of faith leaders who will continue to meet regularly with the goal of seeking to promote respect, understanding and appreciation in our faith communities and in the greater community where we live, work and worship.Our name came about at our first lunch meeting together.  While we discussed various possible names for our group, someone suggested Greater Olney Interfaith Ministerium.  It was noted that the title abbreviation would be pronounced “goyim.”  In our group of rabbis and pastors, there were several who were familiar with this Hebrew term and chuckled at the thought of using it for our group.  Goyim has come to be understood as a term for Gentiles.  However, given that its actual meaning is nations, we decided that it was a good fit for our group.  As leaders of our various faiths, we ourselves and those we represent come from many different backgrounds – by ethnicity, culture, religion, and otherwise.  In this regard, we truly are a gathering of the nations.
Contact our group’s president – Rabbi Ari Sunshine.

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